Silverlight Mobile

When O when is this going to happen, I have been waiting a whole year now since the idea was first blogged.

Interesting article especially the foillowing quotes:

Critics have lambasted Microsoft for its slow progress on modernizing its handheld computing platform while rivals have usurped the company in functionality and, in some cases, sales growth.

The criticism comes as Q3 sales of Apple Inc.’s iPhone for the first time exceeded revenues from Windows Mobile devices, according to both Gartner Inc. and IDC. Making matters worse for Microsoft and the Windows Mobile community, the market researchers predict that other platforms, including Google Inc.’s open source Android and Nokia Corp.’s soon-to-be open source Symbian platform, will continue to threaten Microsoft moving forward (though the latter is dominant worldwide, it has a miniscule presence in the United States).

Progress on the Way
Developers are also concerned that Microsoft has been slow to reveal when Windows Mobile 6.1 will take on features that match its rivals’, such as a more modern interface, support for touch and improved Web browsing. Microsoft indicated it plans to shed at least some of that mystery at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Jay Roxe, group product manager for Windows Mobile, tells RDN Microsoft will officially unveil Windows Mobile 6.5 “very soon.”

Windows Mobile 6.5 will sport an improved user interface with gesture and touch capability and better Web browsing with Internet Explorer Mobile 6. The upgraded browser provides improved JavaScript rendering, support for widgets via AJAX and an integrated Adobe Flash Lite runtime, says Roxe, who transferred from the developer division to the mobile computing business (MCB) group after Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in October.

Roxe offered little detail in terms of when the first devices based on Windows Mobile 6.5 will ship; nor would he discuss Windows Mobile 7. It’s also unclear when Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in will be linked to Windows Mobile. Silverlight for Mobile, announced at PDC, is based on Silverlight 2 and expected sometime this year. It will initially support Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile devices, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft will release new APIs for Windows Mobile 6.5, though Roxe declined to elaborate, only indicating that information will be disclosed imminently. When asked about developers’ complaints regarding Microsoft’s lack of communication about its mobile strategy, Roxe insists it will change. 


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