.Quocirca has predicted that over a third of small businesses expect more employees to be working from home in the future and about 40% expect more employees to be travelling outside the office with a need to access IT.

This is double the number expected by large enterprises.

Quocirca’s predications show that SMEs are becoming significant stakeholders in the remote working industry.

Remote computing is no longer a luxury, but actually a critical element of the job, particularly for employees such as sales representatives, engineers, nurses or field workers.

Mobile workers are employed for a variety of skills, but are not necessarily IT savvy and certainly not security experts.

Yet, according to a Sybase iAnywhere survey, more than 71% of companies leave the responsibility of securing mobile data in the hands of these users. The disconnect is clear.

For all companies, regardless of size, trusting employees to work remotely is actually a scary concept. Very few employees intentionally introduce viruses or cause their device to stop functioning, however many do it inadvertently simply because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of their devices.

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